Here are just some of my projects . . .

WordPress / Website Redesign / HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP / CSS3 / SSL / MySQL /UI/UX

I was contracted to design and develop a booking site for the client’s cabin property.

I designed and developed the entire site keeping in mind the woodsy aesthetic of the client’s property. I made sure the tones of the site reflected the outdoors and feel of the client’s cabin all while focusing on a UX and UI layout that allow users to get to the information they need quickly.

The booking calendar that has been implemented is very versatile and I coded it to make it simple for users to navigate. The calendar is also linked to the client’s listing on both Airbnb and Vrbo creating a cohesive experience for both the client and parties booking on any of the platforms.

Foundation / HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP / CSS3 / Gulp / UI /UX / Website Design

FPO- Awaiting Content from Client.

WordPress / HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP / CSS3 / SSL / SEO / MySQL /UI/UX

For this project I was contracted to design and develop a eCommerce site. Aside from developing the site I created the client’s logo and marketing copy on the site. I designed a site that also subtly showcase the client’s social media which they stated was very important to them. I made sure to build a site that is very user friendly and that also reflects the message the client conveyed to me. I kept the site light by avoiding plugins and using custom code. I also made sure I designed a mobile user experience that is simple and fast.

HTML5 / CSS3 / WordPress/ PHP/ SEO
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